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Commsworld unveils new premium broadband connectivity product to fill huge gap for businesses

Commsworld has unveiled a new cost-effective form of connectivity which plugs a gap in the market for businesses which currently face either purchasing broadband that fails to meet their needs at busier times, or paying for more expensive dedicated leased lines.

The Edinburgh-headquartered company has launched Ethernet over Fibre to the Premises (EoFTTP), a business-grade broadband service providing ultra-high-speed fibre-optic connectivity which provides minimum bandwidth assurances as well as rapid repair times in the event of a fault.

EoFTTP sits in between two products that represent polar opposites of the market. There is the consumer-grade FTTP ‘broadband’ service which provides 1Gbps but has no guarantees regarding reliability or higher bandwidth when put under pressure by heavy usage.

At the opposite end, Ethernet leased lines offer guaranteed higher bandwidth all day every day. For small businesses – or companies which have adopted hybrid working across the UK  – this option means they are having to pay for leased lines which provides the reliability they require, but is typically overkill for their size or use-case.

Commsworld’s EoFTTP uniquely utilises the growing Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) coverage  from a number of network builders, including Openreach and CityFibre as well as Commsworld’s own fibre infrastructure across many major Scottish cities and large areas in Northumberland.  Commsworld plans to add additional alternative network operators to further extend coverage of EoFTTP in the coming months.

Through this fibre connection, EoFTTP not only guarantees 100 Mbps as a minimum but is also ‘burstable’ to 1 Gbps – meaning it is able to utilise the full capability of the fibre as needed. For instance, when ‘hybrid’ workers are all in the office, that business can enjoy a reliable business grade service they can ‘burst’ up to 1Gbps to accommodate the higher demand periods.

Charlie Boisseau, Chief Technology Officer at Commsworld, said: “The lack of a quality option that sits in the middle of the market for business is a problem that has persisted for years, but hasn’t been filled due to lack of fibre infrastructure. Commsworld’s EoFTTP leverages the growing abundance of this new FTTP coverage across multiple operators to fill that gap – especially for SMEs that do not need the top-end service more suited to bigger corporates.

“In essence, it utilises the infrastructure that is now on the market for individuals and homeowners, where they share networks with other neighbours, with just a single fibre cable delivering this shared network to their homes.

“But in terms of reliability, flexibility and speed of service, Commsworld’s EoFTTP is a true Ethernet circuit and is therefore capable of delivering all Commsworld’s standard Fibre Ethernet features reliably and flexibly – with the usual end-to-end resilience of all our products, as well as a highly valuable burstable increase to 1Gbps when needed.”

Andrew Wilson, Sales Director – Business at CityFibre, said: “Commsworld has identified a real gap in the market and the launch of this new offering looks to successfully address that void. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Commsworld and supporting this launch.”

Commsworld is holding a webinar at 11am on Wednesday 24th April where Charlie Boisseau will introduce EoFTTP. To find out more, visit

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