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Home Telecom acquires 11,500 TalkTalk Customers from Award Winner Cuckoo Internet

Home Telecom, part of the Telecom Acquisitions Group, has acquired circa 11,500 TalkTalk customers from Cuckoo Internet, voted MoneySavingExpert’s top broadband provider for customer service twice in a row.

“We can reassure customers that all Cuckoo Internet terms and prices will remain the same,” said TAL Managing Director, Nigel Barnett.

“The actual internet connection through TalkTalk and BT will also remain; it will simply be an account migration at our end. It’s totally seamless and will not affect any services. This was a strategic decision by Cuckoo owner All Points Fibre, whose mission is to expand further on their own network.”

The deal brings the total number of customers now managed by TAL to circa 100,000. Eleven ISPs offering broadband services to residential customers have now signed with TAL for ongoing service and support via partnership or acquisition agreements.

Barnett says TAL’s business strategy is to acquire circa 3,000 customers per month through organic growth, then expand further fuelled by the acquisition of residential bases from broadband providers wishing to focus more on the B2B arena.

“Internet providers are changing direction in line with their target markets. New AltNets have come to market and driven prices down to gain volume sales and cover the costs of their infrastructures. Meanwhile, suppliers are increasing prices annually to its reseller partners,” said Barnett.

“Smaller resellers offering to fix prices to grab market share have also had a dramatic effect on the market, by being price sensitive on compare websites and offering the world. Then the RPI increase applied by the providers is being absorbed by the ISP which is affecting their profits by circa 20%. This, of course, is not sustainable,” he added.

Brands under the TAL umbrella now include:

Home Telecom, which specialises in the tenant arena providing flexible contracts from weekly to two years and offers services from BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, Sky and Vodafone plus altNets CityFibre, MS3, FullFibre, OFNL, Freedom Fibre and F&W Networks.

Fleur Telecom, which now supports over 25,000 customers discarded by large providers over the years or simply their supplier ceased to trade.

Eclipse Telecom, which TAL acquired two years ago and now supports 10,000 former KCOM customers outside of the company’s Hull operation.

“All our customers can find the best service for them via a simple postcode checker. We have over 10,000 Trust Pilot reviews rated ‘Excellent’ and our company motto “we can do better” means we strive to improve every day,” added Barnett.

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