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Emtelle unveils new REVOLink3 drop cable solution

Emtelle, one of the world’s leading providers of blown fibre, cabling and ducted solutions, has unveiled a new three-in-one drop cable called REVOLink3 which is designed to revolutionise last mile connectivity.

This unique solution integrates advanced features to significantly streamline the installation process, making it accessible and straightforward for a broader range of operators.

TheREVOLink3 cable is engineered to push distances of up to 300 metres, which is ideal for drop cable installations for Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) applications.

Furthermore, to enable these distances to be pushed, Emtelle has designed a complementary pushing machine branded DropDrive™ which enables this distance to be achieved. This innovation is particularly beneficial in emerging markets, where the costs and complexities of traditional blown fibre equipment and training may be prohibitive.

For those who have existing blowing equipment, the REVOLink3 is compatible with most existing blowing machines, enabling it to be deployed over distances up to 1,000 metres (3280 ft). Additionally, the cable can be manually pulled for up to 300 metres (984 ft). The REVOLink3 combines durability and flexibility, enhancing the installation process significantly. It has been meticulously designed for optimal stiffness, features a unique ‘textured’ low-friction sheath, and includes a fibre lubrication system that consistently coats the cable during installation via the DropDrive™.

Available in configurations of two, four or six fibres, with plans to develop options for higher fibre counts, the REVOLink3 transforms how operators connect customers, simplifying and streamlining the process and broadening accessibility.

The integration of the DropDrive™, which operates with just a simple battery-powered hand drill, further simplifies installations by eliminating the need for bulky traditional equipment.

Additionally, the DropDrive™ enables cable installations into Microducts to now become available to the masses, no matter where you are, you can now get a cable installation system to meet the efficiencies witnessed when using similar blown fibre systems.

Emtelle’s REVOLink3 drop cable is also available in a pre-connectorised version, the QWKREVOLink3, which comes pre-assembled and thoroughly tested. This ready-to-use solution simplifies the installation process, allowing for immediate deployment without the need for complex splicing, thereby significantly reducing both time and costs.

The introduction of the REVOLink3 is viewed as a major leap forward in telecommunications infrastructure technology.

Colin Kirkpatrick, Emtelle Solutions Director, said: By extending the pushing distances to unprecedented lengths and simplifying the entire installation process, we are setting new standards that we believe will become the benchmark for the industry.”



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