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Global Digital Service Provider Hayo has Selected Ilex Content Strategies as Its Agency of Record

Hayo chooses Ilex to ramp-up growth of its digital solutions across Africa and help more governments, service providers and enterprises benefit from on-the-ground innovation.  

New York City, U.S., 8th May 2024 – Ilex Content Strategies, a global B2B marketing and communications agency, has been selected by Hayo, an innovator in digital solutions in Africa, as its agency of record. Ilex will be supporting Hayo’s long-term growth with a comprehensive suite of marketing and communications services including brand development, messaging, borderless PR, content strategy, and sales enablement. Ilex was selected based on its experience in marketing in Africa and the Middle East as well as its track record of supporting growth and exit strategies. 

Hayo has been operating in Africa for more than two decades, serving governments, regulators, service providers, mobile network operators and enterprises in some of Africa’s largest markets. It is innovating in digital currencies, digital taxation, digital hubs, and infrastructure projects in addition to its work in voice, SMS and communications platform as a service (CPaaS). Hayo has more than 1,000 service provider and operator relationships across the globe and direct partnerships cover 95% of the Middle East and Africa.     

“We’re excited to be taking our business to the next level and enabling more organisations to experience Hayo’s digital solutions. Our work with Ilex is about communicating innovation and bringing our story to local and global audiences. We have achieved so much on-the-ground in Africa, and we want governments, MNOs, service providers and enterprises to see and understand our full digital capabilities,” said Feraz Ahmed, CEO at Hayo. “Ilex has served some of the most exciting and dynamic businesses in global tech and has a comprehensive offering that aligns with our vision for simple, seamless and powerful solutions that have a positive impact on local people’s lives.”


Ilex Content Strategies is a UK-headquartered global marketing and communications agency serving B2B tech and telecoms clients. It has extensive experience in planning and strategies for marketing and communications in Africa with more than a decade of experience telling African innovation stories across the globe. Ilex works with start-ups through to billion-dollar businesses including leaders in international telecoms, data centre and digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, software as a service (SaaS), and data as a service (DaaS).

“Hayo is innovating on-the-ground in Africa and building digital solutions that benefit local people. Its work with governments is supporting local digital investment while its IoT deployments are enabling the delivery of smart utilities in Africa. Hayo has massive momentum behind it and the timing is right to bring its story to the world. It’s great to be working with an organisation that is dedicated to delivering benefits across the value chain and ensuring that Africa’s digital future is delivered now,” said Lucia Barbato, CEO and co-founder of Ilex Content Strategies.”

 Ilex announced its relationship with data centre innovator Ezditek, the digital infrastructure division of Ezdihar Holding Company, in April 2024. It serves clients in key global hubs including Sydney (Australia), Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Riyadh (KSA), Beirut (Lebanon), Johannesburg (South Africa), Cannes (France), Madrid (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), London (UK), New York (US) and many others.   



About Ilex Content Strategies

Ilex Content Strategies is a global B2B marketing consultancy and full-service agency that specialises in the B2B Technology and Telecoms sector. We serve start-ups through to billion-dollar businesses in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. 

Ilex combines the right mix of Marketing Consultancy, Editorial Content, Global PR & AR, Social Media, Video and Sales Enablement to meet your business objectives. We have had proven success delivering local and global marketing & communications campaigns that drive recognition and accelerate growth. 

At Ilex, we use compelling content to give our clients the multiple touch points they need to influence their audiences and drive sales. We provide an entire ecosystem of content, communications and marketing support that makes it simple for our clients to communicate innovation and own a lasting story. Offline or online, we put content first to make marketing and communications efficient and effective.  



About Hayo

Hayo is a global digital service provider that is unlocking the full potential of communications, transformation and innovation in Africa, the Middle East and around the world. It combines networking, technologies, and digital solutions to deliver on-the-ground innovation that has a positive impact on local people’s lives. It has on-the-ground presence in more than 90% of the African continent with over 1,000 service provider relationships globally. Hayo provides bespoke digital solutions for governments and regulators, FinTech solutions, infrastructure projects as well as Voice, SMS and CPaaS solutions.

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