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EVAS as EVAS: How telecom providers are leveraging Video AI-powered enhanced video analytics solutions (EVAS) as Enterprise Value-Added Services (EVAS) to deliver faster, more effective, differentiated services with new revenue opportunities

Written by Abhijit Shanbhag, founder and CEO of Graymatics

Artificial Intelligence has become the buzzword in every industry, from smart cities to telecom providers. Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming the backbone of the telecom industry and the short term and long term growth of telecom providers are heavily dependent on how these companies harness Artificial Intelligence to deliver cutting edge solutions.Telcos are uniquely positioned to facilitate digital change by connecting people, enterprises and society, enabling new classes of services.

No longer limited to providing basic phone and internet service, the Telecom Industry is at the epicenter of technological growth, led by mobile and broadband services in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. Telcos are also harnessing the power of AI to process and analyze the vast amounts of data collected over the years from their massive customer bases. This data is culled from devices, networks, mobile applications, geolocation, detailed customer profiles, service usage and billing data.

With the advent of 5G, mobile operators are now looking to consume a larger chunk of the revenue pie by joining the 5G bandwagon. In order to deliver a strong competitive advantage, mobile operators are looking to expand their portfolio by adding enterprise value added services (EVAS) and enhanced video analytics solutions (EVAS) is soon going to be a part of all product portfolios.5G will come into its own by leveraging AI-based solutions such as remote asset management, face recognition, object and event recognition, intelligent image processing and even behaviour detection, according to teletimes international.

The possibilities and opportunities for the use of video analytics by telecom providers are endless. Enterprise customers of Telecom providers like banks, retail stores, factories, schools, fast food restaurants can benefit from the video analytics solutions provided by Telecom providers.

Certain common features like queue management, customer profiling, people count and tracking and COVID-19 safety adherence can be monitored through video analytics solutions for banks, retail stores and fast food restaurants. A university in Singapore is using video analytics to monitor campus safety by leveraging the benefits of facial and movement detection. In manufacturing sites and factories, video analytics can be used to provide access control to employees, monitor process flows and avoid accidents. In order to utilise this information at the right time, it is imperative to have strong connectivity and telecom providers can fill this gap by introducing enhanced video analytics solutions to their 5G + value added services portfolio.

For video surveillance applications, the near-elimination of latency will provide a welcome boost to camera responsiveness and real-time monitoring, not to mention a quantum leap in image quality, as it is set to support 4K and even 8K video. In addition, subject to network conditions, users will be able to upload or download video to/from the cloud in a matter of seconds. Viewing live video on mobile devices is also set to be transformed with the performance boost that 5G offers. And the role of video analytics and AI will be greatly enhanced with the faster speeds and greater capacity of 5G networks. Further 5G works well on this, since with the increased bandwidth it is much easier to transport the video stream from the CCTV’s in the telco’s data centre or cloud, or they could have hybrid edge to cloud solution as part of their deployment option suite

At Graymatics we call our offering “EVAS as EVAS” – Enhanced Video Analytics Solutions as Enterprise Value-Added Services. Enhanced Video Analytics Solutions is an integrated software platform that flexibly combines the components of video analytics including face recognition, behaviour detection and attribute estimation to meet the needs of customers.

All these EVAS can be provided to a telecom operator to be configurable in a user-friendly multi-tenant IVAaS (Intelligent Video Analytics as Service) platform, which is a one-stop solution for customers to configure cameras and analytics, monitor feed in real time, view dashboards and reports, view and delegate alerts.

The telecommunications industry is at the beginning of an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven shift and soon there will be no looking back. As we’ve seen before with other technological advances and other industries, the only recipe for success is to embrace it and flow with it. Telecoms that look the other way and deny it, will be left behind.

About Graymatics
Graymatics is a leading cognitive media processing company founded in Silicon Valley in 2011. Headquartered in Singapore, it also has offices in the US and India. Graymatics provides AI-powered solutions for multiple sectors including security and surveillance, digital marketing, e-commerce, telecommunications and IoT. Graymatics are specialists in digital video analysis. Graymatics boasts clients across major infrastructure, manufacturing, public sector (airports, train stations, transport) factories and retail stores. Clients and partners include DBS, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, LG, Dentsu, Flipkart and Globe. For further information please see

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